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Clinical expertise dedicated to your personal growth.

Hi there and welcome. My name is GIyn Harris and I help my clients change the negative thoughts and behaviours that stop them reaching their full potential. I look at therapy as a Journey, an adventure which empowers you to implement real positive change in your wellbeing.  On my days off I like to climb, cave and fly gliders. The latter extreme sports have given me an excellent understanding of fear, anxiety and panic, how to control the latter and this has proven to be a valuable asset when treating anxiety disorders with CBT.

I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse, qualified and accredited in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR). 

CBT is a widely recognised and respected psychological treatment for anxiety and depression disorders. It is also widely used in sport and business to challenge performance limiting beliefs. 

EMDR is another widely recognised therapy that is very effective at treating traumatic memories and other associated symptoms. 

The process of online therapy.

1) Contact me and arrange a no obligation initial consultation via telephone or webconferencing.
2) We define the goals for treatment and if you wish to go ahead, agree a time for the first session.
3) I send you a text confirmation/reminder the day before the session with my bank details. I will ask you to confirm attendance and transfer the fee.  
4) You pay me via BACS for the session prior to the session starting.
5) I send passcode to access the online therapy room and we start the therapy session.

What you need:

CBT and EMDR can be very effectively delivered online and you can be treated in the venue of your choice be that office, home or other venue. You will need a computer, laptop or mobile phone with a camera connected to a reliable Internet connection. 

The registered charity MIND has created an excellent video explaining CBT called "making Sense of CBT" which you can watch on this page. For more information on what CBT can do please go to my page: Why CBT?

How to contact me. 

If you are interested in pursuing therapy and would like to discuss your needs and goals for therapy, please contact me on 07904 018 034 or email me at: glyn@cbtnow.co.uk for a free, no-obligation, initial consultation.

Off- peak slots (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fridays 8,9,10,11am) £60 per session.
Peak slots (Weekday evenings and Saturday mornings) £80 per session 
All sessions are approx 50-55 mins.

I am able to take online BACS payments but unable to take card or cheque.

"Thank you for your help this year. Things are going great and I've been able to manage things really well. Can't thank you enough"

" Glyn was recommended to me when I was struggling with anxiety. He has really helped me make sense of my thoughts, helped me see another perspective and always provides actionable steps to take in-between sessions. Each session is different and I always come out feeling like I’ve progressed. If you’re struggling, I really recommend reaching out to Glyn."  R.H.

"I would highly recommend CBT Now Psychotherapy to anybody who thinks they could use some help. Friendly, articulate, warm, and optimistic. They have helped me a lot."  G.D.

"Enjoyable, eye-opening and effective." N.N.

"Fantastic eureka moments!" D.S.

"Enlightening" P.B

"The best decision I have ever made." A.D.

"I feel so much more equipped to understand and deal with things when they arise" R.D.

"Lifechanging" L.F.